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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am behind on posting the winners of the current giveaways, but without any further suspense here they are:

Nestle Family Day Out winner:

kris10dale said...

My husband likes to fish, so I enjoy it when the whole family goes with him. The kids are still young, so they get a little impatient with the fishing part, but my little boy loves the boat ride (and my little girl likes it as long as she's cuddled up close to mommy or daddy!)

HEB Mom's day winner:

ggmsmolly said...

Being a part of my family was always a funny experience. It was Mother's Day and daddy was rounding the 4 of us up to make breakfast for mom. Poor mother ate runny eggs, burnt toast and cantalope that we had all taken bites off. We even bought her a bottle of Evening in Paris Perfume at the 5&Dime. That stuff stunk so bad but she wore it proudly.

Yoplait Simply Yogurt winner:

Queen of Scatterville said...

We love popcorn around here. Other favorites are slices of cheese and crackers or cheesesticks.

You all have 48 hours from the time stamp on this post to get back to me with your mailing information or a new winner will be picked.