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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clorox 5 Second Rule Winner

hollowsins said...

If it touches the floor in my house it goes in the trash! My boys try to eat it but unless Im not there, that is not happening.I don't care if I just scrubbed the floor 5 minutes ago and the food is hard like candy or a chip or whatever, it is still trash in my eyes.The person most likely is really 2 -both of my sons, but they never get away with it anyway.I will throw away an entire pizza,a bag of chips anything if it gets spilled and it touches the floor.


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Mary from Hartland said...

i belive highly in the 5 ssecond rule, maybe that's why i never get sick...I have lots of anti-bodies!

hollowsins said...

I used to believe in it until I saw someone else do it with a newborn and it just freaked me out.I asked my husband and he said he does it too if Im not around..little