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Monday, February 1, 2010

The 5 Second Rule

I am sure you have all heard of the 5 Second Rule. You know…the rule where when you are holding something and are about ready to take a bite then the earth rotates just so and it causes you to drop if from your hands onto the floor…but within 5 seconds you can pick it up and blow it off and still eat it, fuzz and all, and the world will never know…that rule.

Apparently there have been studies on the 5 second rule and maybe it is not such a great rule. Germs can instantly attach to items in under 5 seconds. Samantha Bee from The Daily Show talked about her feelings on the 5 second rule. Clorox Bleach can be used to kill those germs that are picked up around the house.

Clorox is giving away a prize pack valued at $20 to help you clean up the house and keep germs at bay.

To enter leave a comment answering these questions:

1. Do you or someone in your family follow the 5-second rule?
2. Who’s more likely to follow the 5-second rule in your house?
3. What are the most popular items to 5-second rule?
4. Do you have a funny 5-second rule story?
5. Thinking about Sam Bee’s style, what’s your parenting style?

Entries will be taken until February 9th at noon CST then I will pick one winner at random and you will have 48 hours to get back to me with your information or a new winner will be picked.

A Second way to win:

Tweet @Clorox with the item you use the 5-second rule with most and you will have the chance to win a $50 Visa gift card. Use #smpl&surprising in your tweet!

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Pinky said...

My husband follows the 5-second rule and of course he is the one that is more likely to follow the rule in the house. He will tell me it is less than 5 seconds and the food is not dirty. The most popular item is nuts. When the food drops on the floor, I will yell at my husband and tell him not to eat it but before I can even finish my sentence, he will pick it up and shuffle in his mouth already... :p My style is...please do not pick up food on the floor.

judyyy said...

I think my husband and I both follow that rule and my grandchildren sure do it. The most popular thing is chips.I don;t have a funny story but I keep my floors pretty clean so my parenting style is pretty flexible. It hasn't hurt my kids or us yet! I would like to win this!

Lauren said...

Haha. Funny. Love Clorox stuff, but hey, it is their study ;) And Myth Busters did a great episode on this too and the length of time wasn't the factor but the type of item (ie was it moist?)

Anyways, I call the 5 second rule, my husband doesn't. Just because there is germs, doesn't mean they'll make you sick. You're probably better off licking the floor than sharing a straw with someone! Lots of bugs but not all are as bad as they make you believe ;) If it looks dirty or falls in a dirty corner, yeah, it's garbage!

I try to be go with the flow as much as I can, I have a strong willed toddler and it isn't worth getting worked up about everything (like the time I just about died when she picked up a dropped candy in the parking lot and ate it!)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

My argument is that my kids are going to eat bugs and mud at some point in their life and I won't always be there to stop them, so food on the floor for 5 seconds is the least of my worries. I believe the philosophy that anti-bacterial soap used too much is weakening our childrens immune system and causing these nasty super bugs than food eaten off the floor.
To each his own

hollowsins said...

If it touches the floor in my house it goes in the trash! My boys try to eat it but unless Im not there, that is not happening.I don't care if I just scrubbed the floor 5 minutes ago and the food is hard like candy or a chip or whatever, it is still trash in my eyes.The person most likely is really 2 -both of my sons, but they never get away with it anyway.I will throw away an entire pizza,a bag of chips anything if it gets spilled and it touches the floor.


Anonymous said...

I'm a nurse, so I've learned to be quite careful about infection control. So, no, we don't follow the 5 second rule at our house. But if someone did, it would probably be my son....especially if candy hit the floor! Sorry, I don't have any funny stories to tell. I think my parenting style is probably stricter than Sam's.

one frugal lady said...

eeewwww... we so do not follow the 5 second rule! YUCK!

one frugal lady said...

If someone were to follow the 5 second rule, it would be my 3 year old- if she was just really hungry or something...

one frugal lady said...

I would guess the most popular item would be a cookie!

drmomof2 said...

No funny story. But, my husband definitely follows the 5 (or greater?) second rule. Especially for candy/chips!

~Mo~ said...

I don't do the 5 second rule, we have a cat, thats in and out, so I don't know what he has on his paws. Although tifani is to young to care!

Lori Sifuentes said...

I sometimes follow the 5 second rule. I think I follow it after I had just cleaned the floors. My son is too young to understand it so he has a 10 day rule. If he finds it on the ground, he will eat it.


Madonna said...

In my house, there is a 6 month old mini pin and shes fast as lightning. You wouldn’t stand a chance on anything dropped. She catches it as it falls and it never hits the floor.

Anonymous said...

(1) It depends on what falls if we go for 5 sec rule- something sticky that attracts stuff- no way. other stuff, maybe. (2) My husband is more likely to follow 5 sec rule- I toss. (3) smarties candies- esp by the kids! (4) dd dropped smarties & said "mommy- candy fell, but I ate it before the germs got it" (5) pretty laid back parenting style

onecrypticmama AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

1. Do you or someone in your family follow the 5-second rule? My husband does secretly I think.

2. Who’s more likely to follow the 5-second rule in your house? Me and my 3 year old twins

3. What are the most popular items to 5-second rule? chips, cookies, candy, spoons, and forks

4. Do you have a funny 5-second rule story? My husband once tried to put a dropped pacifier into my son's mouth and I must of given him the look of death. The pacifier never made it into my son's mouth and my husband truly looked scared.

5. Thinking about Sam Bee’s style, what’s your parenting style? I am not really like her. I am crazy about germ fighting.

denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

Kim said...

I know my kids and hubby eat things off the floor occasionally. I don't like to eat off a surface that the bottom of my shoes have been! (think public restrooms, etc.) My funniest 5 second rule story is when I was at McDonalds with a friend. Her 2 year old spilled her drink. While her mom had her back turned she laid down on her belly and started slurping it off the floor! I freaked but her mom just scooped her up and sent her off to play on the playland. I am actually pretty laid back but that was a little much for me. Kim

Melanie said...

We don't follow the five second rule, we have a large dog that is all over the house. If it gets spilled on the floor we wash it. Neither DH or I follow the 5 second rule, my DS who is 3 is startin to catch on that if it's on the floor we don't put it in our mouth. I think the most popular 5 sec. rule I know of is food or pacifiers

WCatDD said...

I think that MythBusters did a show on the 5-second rule which showed the the effectiveness of the rule depended on the type of item being dropped. If it was a moist/wet food item then more germs got stuck as opposed to a dry one.

Anyways, I follow the 5-second rule. Sometimes I extend it to a 7-second rule - I live on the edge like that. Pieces of cookie/chips tend to be the items picked up the most. Since I'm just a parent to two cats, I would say my style is firm but a softie when they roll over and want their belly rubbed.

Anonymous said...

I've never really been an advocate of the 5-second rule, I've always thought it was a myth. However, my kids don't have any thought towards germs, so I am constantly reminding them, and hopefully one day they will remember! I try not not nag or complain, but mostly I will try a simple question/answer routine with them, so they can repeat what they have learned about germs to me. To my surprise, they do retain everything I say. So I hope as they grow older, they will remember what I've taught them.

Amy said...

my sons follows the rule most often.they drop they pick up it doesn't matter what it is and even do the count thats the funniest. I pretty much keep my floors cleaned. I have a younging running around