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Monday, September 7, 2009

Top This BTFE giveaway

Winner of the Box Top for Education pack and coupons is :

Leisha said...

Sandwiches are great on the go foods for us. Whether it be PB&J or ham and cheese, they are portable, quick and filling for anytime of the day!

You have 48 hours from the time stamp on this post to get back to me with your mailing information.


1 Comment:

Anonymous said...


I got to try out my Joey Totes last night at Food Lion and then at Publix. First, I want you to know that I received them extremely fast, like three days after I won your contest, so thank you for that.

After only one use, I can tell you that I love these totes. They are just so easy to carry! Feels like I am just flinging my purse over my shoulder and in I got. Also, they take up zero space when not being used. These will be great for wet and cold items also.

Thank you so much for posting this give-a-way. Thus far I am very pleased with my gift.

Malia Liermann