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Monday, September 21, 2009

Swiffer WetJet Review

Picture 9

About a month ago I got the new Swiffer WetJet in the mail from MyBlogSpark. Since I don’t like mopping I put it off for a bit my floor was clean I had to wait for it to get very dirty.

Picture 8

The newly designed Swiffer WetJet has dual spray nozzles in front to start breaking up the dirt with the solution before the WetJet pad even touches it. There is also a removable large scrubby strip in the front that is great for getting those dried on messes.   


Almost all of my downstairs is ceramic tile and it really hides the dirt well. After cleaning the entire area this is what my WetJet pad looked like. Pretty gross huh?  It really locked in the dirt and picked up the pet hair too.

The Swiffer WetJet was so easy to use that my kids wanted to use it too. I kind of felt like Tom Sawyer and painting the fence. It was so much easier than using the old fashioned mop and bucket and lugging that around the floor.

Swiffer is so sure that you will love the WetJet that they are even offering a Money Back Guarantee on it.

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Molly Garza said...

You can get those microfiber clothes to use on the WetJet Erin and you simply throw it in the washer after use and it saves you allot of money in those pads that go with WetJet.