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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loveable Labels



With school back in full swing that means 1000 things to get lost…or not! When I was little my mom used to label our sweaters with some type of sewing tape…probably hem tape, but it would usually come off.

Loveable Labels is a label making company. Not only do they have iron on clothing labels, they also have labels for shoes, binders and food containers that are washable. That means no more lost shoes at P.E. and no more unclaimed jackets, binders or lunch boxes at the lost and found.

Loveable Labels is offering my readers a 10% discount by entering the code: 4girls when you buy the Back to School Mega Pack, which is what is pictured above.

The code is good for two weeks from the date of this post.


Brandi said...

I love Lovable Labels - been using them for almost four years now! Thanks for the discount code this will become handy now!

clothing labels said...

Could have been better if they make their designs more appealing to the eye. Nevertheless, I tried them once and i liked it. Thanks!