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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to School Pack Winner

New winner of Back To School pack


you have 48 hours from the time stamp on this post to get back to me with your mailing information or a new winner will be picked.

EVERYONE... if you are going to enter a giveaway PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE subscribe to the blog or twitter so you will know if you won or not.



rhonda said...

I subscribe to the blog and get e-mail updates when you post to the main page. I do not get updates to the giveaway page. Now, I don't mind checking your site regularly because I happen to enjoy it -- but, if others aren't receiving giveaway updates either, then it may explain why they don't see they won. Maybe?

P.S. If my subscription needs to be changed to receive the giveaway updates, please let me know!

JANE4girls said...

Hi Rhonda, thanks for posting.

There is a separate email subscription for this, the giveaway page.

You can either subscribe by facebook networked blogs, an email update, rss reader. And all my feeds to to twitter too.

I am trying to make it as easy as possible but since I got complaints about having the giveaways on the main page I put them here. (guess some people don't like winning things, lol)

rhonda said...

Okay, I understand now! Thank you!