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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pocketville Online games

If you have little kids you have probably heard of Puppy in My Pocket products. They have a wide line of animals for your child to "adopt" and take care of.

They have an online version called Pocketville where your child can adopt different animals, dress them up and play online games. I have been given an online code to share so your child can experience the fun. The code is good until September 30th. If you have more than one child they can each create an account and each use the code. That is always nice so they can each have their own pet and accessories.

Voucher Code: B9GX8NUDYS

Valid for 250 Pocketville Tokens

Tokens are used to purchase items for your pet in the virtual pet store. I have been playing this with my youngest over the weekend and it is fun. One thing I really love about it is that she can interact with other kids through "canned" chats. Meaning she can't give out any real information but only chose from a list for he