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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ottilie & Lulu

At what age do you stop using baby shampoo and products and move up to adult products for you kids? Tween kids don't like using baby products but their hair and skin still need the gentleness of baby products. I don't know about you but my girls who are 10 and almost 12 don't like using baby products.

We recently found a new product line, Ottilie & Lulu, a line specifically designed for tween (kids 7-14). This is also the age where healthy habits begin to form. Without adding color, heavy perfumes or glitter, Ottilie & Lulu products are perfect for girls in this "in between age".

My youngest daughter has been using the products for about a week now. She loves the Ottilie & Lulu combination shampoo and body wash. It takes her less time in the shower with the combination product and she says the minty smell is really good. No smelling like a blueberry or strawberry like the kid products she had been using.


mrs.mommyy said...

thanks for the review, gonna have to get some for my daughter

Molly Garza said...

Love the review. I am gong to have to get some of this for my niece.