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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shains Recycled Fashion Accessories

Part of having kids is having them getting invited to birthday parties quite often. I never know what to buy the party child. Do they like sports, dolls, The Jonas Brothers? These are all questions I have to ask myself when the girls bring home an invite. Another question is how much to spend. Call me cheap, but I like to keep it around $10 or so for the gift.

Well now I have found the perfect gift for both boys and girls that won't break the bank! Shains is a company I found that makes recycled bracelets and other accessories starting at just $4.50! The products have different "elements" to add your own personal message to with letters, numbers and icons. It is like having a new piece everyday with all the interchanging you can do with the different elements.

Shains are recycled accessories that encourage and empower people to make their own statements and change them whenever they want! Shainsware, the company, is dedicated to producing eco-friendly products that are useful and empowering. We donate a percentage of net profits to environmental organizations. Shains products are made of recycled and recyclable parts and everything Shains produces is certified lead free. Shains packaging is also recycled and recyclable.

  • Shains are made of recycled materials
    • Bracelets & Cuffs are made of recycled TRE (Thermoplastic Elastomer, a rubber)
    • Elements are made of recycled ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    • Packaging is made of recycled papers, bard are polypropylene, lease harmful to the environment
  • Shains are recyclable when you are ready to go and get new ones.
  • Shainsware, gives back a percentage of net profits to environmental organizations.


Alison said...

Confession: With 8 neices and 3 nephews. All my gifts christmas and birthday are $10. I married into a large family! I do try and buy their stuff on promotion / clearance, so at full price. I have to say that they always get quality stuff. Plus at Christmas I did the same for all the adults, thankfully JCpenney had outrageous price cuts so everyone got great clothing all for $10 or under. they didn't know :P

$10 isn't cheap its perfect! I applaud you. :)

sassy stephanie said...

I don't think you are being cheap at all. I too stay around 10 bucks, unless it is one of the kids' BFFs. Then, I may spend a little bit more. Typically, though, I shop sale racks and clearance and keep a stock of gifts handy. I let my kids 'shop' the gift closet to pick something out for the birthday child. With three kiddos, we are ALWAYS being invited to a party!

Frogmama said...

I try to keep it at $10 too. I'm totally dating myself but your post reminded me of how cool Swatch Watches were when I was a kid - I could swap out the bands and faceguards on the watches (and wear 3 at once, lol)

JANE4girls said...

ha ha ha, that is funny. I had the scratch and sniff kind with all the cool bands on it, lol