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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ecover review

I found more great environmentally friendly cleaning products. They come from the company ECOVER. I recently put the lemon scented All Purpose cleaner to the test.

Being that we have two dogs, there is always a mess around their food bowl from spilled food and water. It is not something I want to use chemicals to clean around because the dogs lick the area, but plain water was not cutting it either. I followed the directions on the ECOVER All Purpose cleaner and added 1 capful in a bucket with warm water. After rubbing the dirty spot with a washcloth soaked in the bucket the dirty mess came clean. I was really impressed that I didn't have to keep scrubbing the area and I like the fact that the cleaner was not using harsh chemicals.

ECOVER has an entire line of environmentally friendly cleaners for your entire house. You can find them at places like Trader Joe's or go here for other stores in your area.